Friday, March 12, 2010

Permit On The Flats

I started out the morning yesterday with a beautiful six year old and her father. The ride to the fishing spot was a little bumpy and wet and I thought she was a bit scared. Boy was I wrong! That was her favorite part of the trip. She was a real trooper, along with catching 2 Snook and 10 Snappers she was always in the baitwell getting bait for her father and myself. We had a fun morning!

In the afternoon I was fishing with Fred Pape my regular Thursday fare. It was bit breezy but we headed for the flats fly rod in hand. Fred had several shots at Snook on our first stop, but no hookups. On our second stop all hell broke loose! I noticed a movement off to my right and was shocked when four black tails began wagging in the breeze. Fred made two good presentations but the wind was blowing us down on the fish. Away went the Permit! A few minutes later we saw a second group of Permit, but It clouded up and we ended up just casting where we thought they might be. No cigar! It was wonderful to see those guys up on the flats and doing business!!

Tight Lines Capt. Dave

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