Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Wonderful Day

I had a wonderful on the water today! On the morning trip I fished with a father and son from the D.C. area. It was a crisp sunny morning. We had a great time fishing and caught lots of fish. Everything from Snappers to Ladyfish and everything in between.

On the afternoon mission I was joined by a father and son from Delaware. We headed to the north looking for Bonefish. They were really hiding this afternoon so we decided to just catch some fish, We caught lots of Snappers a Black Drum and a Jack. It was a beautiful smooth ride back to Ocean Reef Club.

Tomorrow looks great!

Tight Lines, Capt. Dave

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Stormy Weather

Yesterday was a weather shortened day. We left Ocean Reef Club early to beat some oncoming weather. I was fishing with part of a group from Delaware. We fished for a couple of hours and caught two Sharks and lost a Bonefish after a good run. Then I got a call from the Charter Desk telling me of a Tornado Warning!! We raced back to the dock , but still got caught in a nasty squall. We had gust up to 45kts and driving rain. I was ten minutes to late getting back to the dock, wet but safe!!! Better weather today.

Tight Lines, Capt. Dave

Monday, March 29, 2010

Shark Day

I fished two trips yesterday and both were cloudy and windy. In the morning I was fishing with a father and daughter from New York City. We usually fly fish but thought with conditions bait would be better. They managed to coral three Bonnet Head Sharks and release a small Bonefish at the boat.

On the Afternoon mission I left Ocean Reef Club with a young Couple from Traverse City Michigan. We headed out with fly rod in hand. It became very windy but we kept plugging away with the fly rod. We had two Sharks eat the fly, but never got the hook set. At the last stop we had a shot at a school of big Snook, but caught a Mangrove instead!

Looks like a rainy day today. Yuck!!

Tight Lines, Capt. Dave

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Yucky Day

I fished with Don Asher Friday. We left his house at Ocean Reef Club and headed to the flats looking for Permit and Bonefish. It was very cloudy and we had a stiff south west breeze. We looked in several places to no avail and finally decided sight fishing was out for the day. The highlight of the day was Don trying out his new Orvis fly rod! It worked like a champ even in stiff breeze.

Tight Lines, Capt. Dave

Friday, March 26, 2010

75-Degree Water

We hit a milestone on the flats yesterday, the water reached 75-degrees! Tarpon and all else good should be just around the corner!

I fished with Fred Pape yesterday afternoon. We headed out from Ocean Reef Club looking for Permit on fly. First stop first minute and we sighted a big Permit. Fred made two presentations, but no cigar!! It went downhill from there. We had very little action for the rest of the trip.

I am ready to head out again and Hope Springs Eternal!

Tight Lines, Capt. Dave

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

More Family Fun

Last evening I fished with a family from Long Island. We headed out From Ocean Reef Club around 5 and headed to the flats. While fishing on the flats we landed 3 Sharks. Then we were off to the creeks. We hit a slow time for about an hour, but finished with a flurry!
We jumped 3 Tarpon and got one to the boat! We got back to Ocean Reef in the dark.

This morning I left ocean Reef with a nice family from Boulder Colorado. Again we headed to the flats and had great luck with the Sharks. We than ran north to Old Rhodes Key and worked the Oceanside flats. We only saw several Boxfish . Than we headed to the creeks and ended up with a mess of Snappers and a Porgy. We were back at Ocean Reef by noon.

Above are some pictures of other family catches.

Tight Lines, Capt. Dave

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Sunny Skies

It was a beautiful morning at the Ocean Reef Club We fished both the Ocean and Bay side of the Club and had a wonderful trip. We were fly fishing for Bonefish, Tarpon and Permit this morning and we had a visual on two of the three. It was almost as if we were throwing hand grenades at the fish! One cast and away the would race.

I am taking a break and will be departing on an evening Tarpon trip at 5 P.M. It will be fun as I am fishing with a group from Long Island I have fished for years. More to follow tomorrow.

Tight Lines, Capt. Dave

Monday, March 22, 2010

Permit Day

Today I was greeted with a very strong southeast wind. We questioned whether we should leave the dock this morning or not. We decided to give it a try and we were glad we did!
We ended up having several shots at tailing Permit! The wind was just to strong for us to get a good shot. We also saw some large Blacktip Sharks.

On the afternoon trip we started out looking for Snook with the fly rod. We saw several big ones but no bites. At our next stop we spotted a very large Permit tailing along a ridge on the flat. I worked the boat into position and my angler let the fly go. He was about a foot off and the Permit got the daylights scared out of him. At least we were in the game and got a response. At our last spot we switched to live shrimp and released a Bonefish at the boat.

It was a long day poling into the wind, but it was very exciting and well worth the hard work!!

Tight lines, Capt. Dave

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Lots Of Kids

I look forward every year to Spring Break! I so enjoy fishing with all the kids. I like kids of all ages. It is so rewarding to see the smiles on their faces when they pull in a fish, see a croc or a manatee. With the older ones I love to pick their brains and see what they think of the world around them. It is really a pleasure to be on the water with them!!

Tight Lines, Capt. Dave

March Madness

I had three trips yesterday! I didn't get hope until late and am leaving now for two trips today. Weather is great, fish are biting, more to follow later.

Tight Lines, Capt. Dave

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Lots Of Fun

I had two super charters today! This morning I fished with a family from Connecticut. We had a great time and caught Sharks, Jacks and Snappers. It was a bit cool but the sun was out and it didn't take long to warm us up.

This afternoon I fished with Fred Pape and Gail Guyton. After a great lunch at the Raw Bar we headed out from Ocean Reef. We spent the afternoon fly fishing for Tarpon and Snook. We had some super shots but had no takers. The wind blew up as the day progressed and it was a rough ride home.

Tight Lines, Capt. Dave

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Good Day For Ducks

It was a gloomy rainy day when we left the dock at Ocean Reef Club. I was fishing with William Lewis from Texas. William is on spring break and wanted to do some fly fishing. Sight fishing was a little tough but we did have some shots at Bonefish. Finally I headed across the bay and we ended up in the canals at Turkey Point. Fishing was hot for almost an hour! We landed several nice Snook, lots of Ladyfish, Jacks and Snappers. The fly rod was on fire! We finally gave in to the rain and headed back to Ocean Reef Club.

Tomorrow is going to be a nice day and I can't wait to get back at them!

Tight Lines, Capt. Dave

Life Is Good

I had a wonderful day fishing at Ocean Reef yesterday. I Left the dock with the boys in the morning with a stiff north breeze. We headed for the creeks and caught lots of stuff. The wind diminished and we slid off to the flats where we caught several scrappy Sharks. We then headed back to Ocean Reef for lunch.

After lunch the ladies arrived and we were off again. We had a wonderful afternoon. Two of the ladies were beginners and need some coaching. After some work we were ready to fish! The ladies all caught fish and enjoyed their time on the water! Back to the Club and back to work as Mom's for the ladies.

Fly fishing today!!

Tight Lines, Capt. Dave

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Long Day

I had a long day yesterday. I fished all day with Don Asher and had a night mission with two spring breakers form Vermont. Don and I had a interesting day Bonefishing. We covered a lot of ground and saw a lot of fish. None of which were Bonefish! We saw all sizes of Sharks, Snook, Boxfish, lots of Stingrays and caught lots of fish in the creeks with the fly rod.

Our evening mission left Ocean Reef Club in a howling west wind and headed for the creeks. I have never had very good luck fishing with a west wind , but nothing would surprise me any more. It was a very slow evening. We caught one Flounder. Tomorrow will be a new day and hope springs eternal!!

Tight Lines, Capt. Dave

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Fly Fishing Fun

I fished this afternoon with Matthew and Erin Guzowski from Vermont! We left Ocean Reef Club and pounded our way across they Bay! Once on the other side we began to have fun fly fishing. Both Matthew and Erin caught lots of fish and we had fun visiting on the boat. We also saw a Crocodile a Manatee and some Wood Storks to round out our trip. Then we pounded our way back to Ocean Reef. It was a nice afternoon!

Tomorrow I have a full day and a Tarpon trip at night. Have to make hay-----!

Tight Lines, Capt. Dave

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Rainy Day

We did not fish yesterday because of thunder storms. There was an 80 percent chance so we didn't take any chances! As it turned out we could have fished the morning. I just don't like to take a chance with lightning and small open boats! Going this morning and am looking for some great things. Going to catch a Bonefish today or else!!

Tight lines Capt. Dave

Friday, March 12, 2010

Permit On The Flats

I started out the morning yesterday with a beautiful six year old and her father. The ride to the fishing spot was a little bumpy and wet and I thought she was a bit scared. Boy was I wrong! That was her favorite part of the trip. She was a real trooper, along with catching 2 Snook and 10 Snappers she was always in the baitwell getting bait for her father and myself. We had a fun morning!

In the afternoon I was fishing with Fred Pape my regular Thursday fare. It was bit breezy but we headed for the flats fly rod in hand. Fred had several shots at Snook on our first stop, but no hookups. On our second stop all hell broke loose! I noticed a movement off to my right and was shocked when four black tails began wagging in the breeze. Fred made two good presentations but the wind was blowing us down on the fish. Away went the Permit! A few minutes later we saw a second group of Permit, but It clouded up and we ended up just casting where we thought they might be. No cigar! It was wonderful to see those guys up on the flats and doing business!!

Tight Lines Capt. Dave

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Fishing Fun

I had a fun day fishing with the Cromptons from Charlotte. We had a beautiful morning on the water with light wind and sunny skies. We came back to Ocean Reef for lunch and returned to fishing. The afternoon was a little windy which restricted our location choice a bit. Bonefishing was still slow, but we caught lots of other fish in their place! Our catch included Snook, Black Drum, Ladyfish, Snappers and Jacks. Can't wait to get back at them today!

Tight Lines, Capt. Dave

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Family Fun

March is all about family at Ocean Reef Club. Yesterday morning I fished with two brothers from New England. We got off to a slow start looking for some Bonefish but we finished up strong! We long released a couple of Snook and caught some Jacks and Ladyfish.

In the Afternoon I was out with a father and son from Connecticut. I was Jackson's first guided fishing trip and he came up big! He started the day catching Mangrove Snappers and finished up with a dandy Snook. Not bad for a four year old!!! I can't wait to see what lies in store for me today!

Tight Lines, Capt. Dave

Monday, March 8, 2010

Sunny Skies, New Friend

It was a wonderful sunny day in Key Largo today. I was fishing with Don Asher, my regular Monday and Friday client. We started the day out at the reef fishing for dinner. After we had dinner under control we headed for the flats and a little Bone fishing. When we stopped for lunch we were greeted with a big surprise, a young Pelican landed on the bow of the boat with us! He stayed on the boat with us through lunch and for about 30-minutes of fishing. He finally got bored with us and rejoined his friends. It was interesting to say the least! This is why I love my job, no two days are ever the same!

Tight Lines Capt. Dave

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Fun, Fun, Fun

I had two wonderful trips yesterday! The first one was a family from Toronto. The mission was to cath their son his first fish. He ended up catching six! He was in heaven!!!

The second mission was three young men from Chicago, they were at Ocean Reef Club on a meeting. They had little fishing experience either. We went out on the flats looking for Bonefish, They ended up catching several Sharks and drinking lots of beer! A good time was had by all. Looks like a great day today to go fishing!!

Tight Lines Capt.Dave

Friday, March 5, 2010

Last Cold Day

It looks like today is finally the last cold one of the season! It was downright cold this morning. We chose to leave the dock a little late to let things warm up. The sun was brilliant and it didn't take long to start to warm us up. I will be fishing with a lot of families while they are on Spring Break. I love to fish with kids, and see the smiles on their faces when they catch a fish!

Tight Lines Capt. Dave

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Cool Day On The Water

Today got off to a chilly start and stayed there all day!! It was sunny and that helped use feel warm if we were out of the wind. Had a father and three young lads this morning. We started slow, but finished with a bang and the boys had a wonderful time!

This afternoon we left Ocean Reef Club looking for Bonefish. We fly cast for a couple of hours with little luck, so we changed to live shrimp and headed for the creeks. We caught lots of small fish, but finished big this afternoon also. After a long and exciting fight Fred Pape landed a dandy Black Tip Shark!

Tight Lines, Capt. Dave

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Land Locked

There was no fishing for me today or any of my stable mates either! It was cool and breezy but we should have been fishing. Starting tomorrow it looks like things are picking up. A few more days of cool weather and it looks like we will be back to normal! Bonefish will be tailing everywhere and flats will be covered with Tarpon and Permit!!

Tight Lines Capt. Dave

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Long Day On The Water

I was on the water from 8AM until 6PM yesterday. It was a long day, but I met some super people and had some great fun! On the AM trip we sat for over an hour in a school of 100# plus Tarpon. It was very exciting to watch them rolling. It would have been even better to get one on the line!! We ended up catching lots of Snappers as a fall back.

Started out the afternoon trip chasing Bonefish! We had several great opportunities, but our presentations were lacking. We had great conditions for once, but could not seal the deal! Again we fell back to catching Snappers and Jacks to finish the day.

Today is yucky again!

Tight Lines Capt. Dave

Monday, March 1, 2010

March Madness


"I am ready for some good old fashion "March Madness", both on the hard court and on the water! Michigan State needs to win the "Big Dance"and I need to run at least 60 half-day trips. It doesn't hurt to dream big! You just can't be heartbroken if it doesn't happen!!!

Tight Lines Capt. Dave