Sunday, November 20, 2011

Wind, Wind Go Away

The last two weeks has been an interesting time for me. I have been all over my territory, from Flamingo to Biscayne Bay. We have caught redfish, snook, tarpon, sea trout and bonefish. The one common denominator on most trips has been lots of wind! On most days we are having to customize our fishing to work around the wind. I am hoping it is about to blow itself out!

I had a special honor on November 10th. I was invited to be involved with a fishing outing with Guides from all over the Bahamas and Cuba. They were here to participate in the Bonefish and Tarpon Trust Symposium. I fished with Lazaro Valdes from Cuba. We had a wonderful day comparing note about bonefishing and the differences between our countries. Lazaro informed me his neighbors think he is crazy because he is a fly fisherman, they are more concerned with catching dinner! It was a day I will not soon forget.

Tight Lines Capt. Dave