Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Fishing on the AuSable has been going great the last couple of weeks! The cool weather we have been having is great for the trout. There has been lots of olives and trico's in the mornings with hoppers and ants in the afternoon. I just had two great days fishing with a family from Cleveland. I would start out with two in the morning, We would all meet for lunch then take two more for the afternoon float. Dad was teaching his family to enjoy the river as much as he does. It worked out great we released 25 trout in two days. One even managed an AuSable Slam; Brook, brown and rainbow in a day! Not bad for novice anglers!! The hot ticket was a beadhead nymph dropped from a hopper.
Tight lines Dave

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Summer Fun!

It  has been a very strange summer in northern Michigan. We have only had a couple days reach the 80-degree mark, but we must plug along! I have been doing a lot of instruction of late and love every minute of it. I worked with two friends from Ann Arbor last week who had never fly fished before and were looking to expand there repertoire. After some instruction on the lawn we moved to the boat and finished with a half-day float. Each fellow was able to release some beautiful brook trout. It was a great time for all! We were fishing with blue winged olives and patroits.

I have been spending a lot of time with some special young people who I have taken on as my protege's. We have been working on basic fishing and fly tying skills. They are moving along at a great pace and will be ready to hit the stream soon.
Tight Lines Capt. Dave